The Scariest Halloween Story Ever

07. November 2019

In diesem Jahr gab es zum ersten Mal einen Schreibwettbewerb auf Englisch zum Thema Halloween. Die Schüler und Schülerinnen aller Jahrgänge wurden aufgefordert, ihre gruseligen Geschichten einzureichen. Zu gewinnen gab es Büchergutscheine und Süßes ...aber kein Saures!

Wir bedanken uns bei allen Teilnehmern und Teilnehmerinnen in diesem Jahr und hoffen auf viele, neue schaurige Geschichten im nächsten Jahr.

Wir gratulieren:


  • Jahrgang 5 Flynn Hamill (5a)
  • Jahrgang 6 Nele Clausen (6a)
  • Jahrgang 7 Emma Babic (7a)
  • Jahrgang 8 Marie Prösamer (8b)

Viele Spaß beim Lesen!


* einige Wörter sind von uns übersetzt worden. 



I went through a forest. It was really dark and there was no moonlight and no stars were shining. It was really foggy. I walked into a glade (Lichtung) and there I saw a very old cottage. I heard voices and my heart beated faster. I went tot he cottage. I heard a whisper. Then I opened the door and it creaked. I walked into the cottage slowly. The first thing I saw inside was a spiderweb. Inside it was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I went deeper into the cottage and was scared. The whisper got louder and suddenly the fog prevented (verhinderte) me to see. I saw upstairs and became curious (neugierig) . So I went upstairs. The stairs creaked. Upstairs the fog was more dense (dichter). It was dusty and it smelled strange. It was dirty, too. I walked and suddenly I saw a door. I was scared but curious, too. The ground creaked and I opened the door. It creaked, too. I got into a room. It smelled badly and really strange. It was dark and there was nothing. Only a dusty table, an old cupboard and a dirty and dusty chair. My hands started to shake when I touched the table. I heard a whisper again, but I couldn’t understand anything. I looked around but there was nothing. I walked back into the other room. There was a dusty chair, a dirty cupboard, a table and there wasn’t any window. There was a spiderweb, too. When I wanted to leave I heard the stairs creak and heard the whisper again but louder. I froze and put my hand on the table. I saw that a guise (Gestalt) came upstairs. I could only see a dark shadow. The guise was bony and had long arms. It whispered and it hissed strange. I wanted to go but I couldn’t. I could only scream. The guise got closer. I trembled and could move again, luckily. I screamed and started to run......



We have a horrible neighbour. He likes when kids dream badly. Last year he decorated his garden very scary. Next to the door of the garden there was a skeleton in the tree with red lightening eyes and he had hung up many horror-clown costumes outside the house. He also bought horror sweets, for example sweets that look like real eyes. But in the evening no child came along because they were scared of our neighbour’s garden. So, he ate all the horror sweets on his own until Easter. Now it’s Easter and our neighbour is very fat!


Story by Marie Prösamer

I screamed and then I ran away. Away from the dead bodies of my parents, away form their murderer. While I ran along the corridor, I turned my head around and then I saw his face. It was white as a wall and two sharp teeth loomed out of his mouth. The murderer of my parents was a vampire! I screamed again and ran down the stairs. The vampire was close to me. I felt his freezing breath in my neck. At last I saw the door and began to run faster. I ripped at the door handle but it didn’t open. The door was locked. And then he was behind me. The vampire pushed me on my knees, seized my hair and ripped my head up. “Let me live, please“, I whispered. He only laughed. Then I sensed his teeth on my throat...


The Scary Adventure by Flynn Hamill

During fall (Herbst) break Tom and Jimmy were visiting their grandparents in the Appalachians (Gebirge in Amerika). They were living in an old house. On their first morning they went on an expedition through the house. Suddenly they didn’t know where they were. They kept walking and walking. All of a sudden they found themselves in front of a door. They opened the door and saw that the entire room was full of cobwebs and dust. After they entered the room, the door closed magically. In the middle of the room they saw a big spider. They ran to another door which opened to a long allyway. Sweat was running down their necks when they abruptly (plötzlich) fell down into a pile of hay. When they looked up they saw their grandparents laughing. The boys had found their secret stack of Halloween costumes. Afterwards they celebrated this morning with pumpkin pancakes.